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Tue Mar 28, 2017
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Army OneSource Virtual World

Army OneSource Virtual World

The Army OneSource Virtual World is the newest innovation for virtual world services and resources designed to serve Soldiers and Families worldwide. 

The virtual environment is an effective tool for geographically dispersed Soldiers to keep in touch with family members and friends, and the programs within their Army Community. By using an avatar, a virtual representation of one’s self, users can meet virtually to collaborate, learn, socialize, and host or attend training sessions.

The Army OneSource Virtual World is an exciting, interactive place to visit and just have fun!

The Virtual Resiliency Campus consists of:

  • Army Community - Park-like environment where users are able to attend an outdoor conference within the amphitheater, obtain information regarding Army groups, and access external resources through direct linking to Army-related websites.
  • Collaboration - Enables community members to participate in real time training sessions and meetings while immersed within an interactive virtual environment.
  • Spiritual Resiliency – Strengthens a person’s beliefs, principles or values. Resources include a Faith Group Locator and Chaplain Finder.
  • Family Resiliency – Helps the Family Units feel safe in a supportive and caring atmosphere. Resources include the library, cafe, and park which are ready for personal in-world family gathering or events.
  • Emotional Resiliency – Approaches life’s challenges in a positive, optimistic way.
    Resources include a Zen Rock Garden, Tai Chi and mediation platforms, and meeting rooms.
  • Social Resiliency – Develops relationships that are personally fulfilling.
    Resources include a coffee shop, a disco, and a pier with a carousel.
  • Physical Resiliency – Encourages activities that promote exercise, nutrition, and strength.
    Resources include a stadium, obstacle course, and cafeteria.

The Army OneSource Virtual World regions are open to Army Staff, Volunteers, Veterans, Family and Friends. Join the fun and step into the Army OneSource Virtual World!

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Hall of Heroes

Would you like to pay tribute to a loved one? If so, you can submit your request using the AOS Contact Us form. We will respond to your request within 1 business day.  Please have a photo of your Hero ready as well as a short write up of what you would like to say about him/her.


Need help getting started in the Army OneSource Virtual World Community? Click on the link below to get more information.


Training Calendar

Become familiar with your virtual community by taking one of our instructor-led training classes. The training schedule gives the dates and times of all the upcoming training sessions and instructions on how to register.

Note: To see the Training Schedule and the Events Calendar in the same view:

1) Click on the Training Calendar link above
2) Select Set Calendar Preference
3) Put a checkmark by Training Calendar
4) Click Save Preference