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Mon Jan 18, 2021
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Best Practices

Best Practices of the Soldier and Family Assistance Centers Locations
Fort Bragg SFAC information and referral specialist participating in the Fayetteville Leadership Development Program
  WT Soldiers participated in the North Carolina State University, Military Appreciation Day.
Fort Huachuca Enrolled 6 WTU members in a Construction class at local community college.
  VFW Post 10342, Huachuca City, AZ has formally ‘adopted’ the Ft. Huachuca WTU and plans to sponsor future events, to include a Christmas celebration, for the WT’s.
  Mayor of Sierra Vista, AZ.  Mayor Bob Strain launched a council called Volunteers Ensuring Veterans Success [VETS] that meets bi-weekly and has offered to assist the WTU with emergent needs.
  Home Depot.  Provides free building materials for the WTU soldiers for projects.
  D&M Tire, Sierra Vista, AZ Provided a free tire to a WTU inpatient soldier who needed to replace a tire.
  St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Sierra Vista, AZ, has donated tickets to the Sierra Vista Symphony to WTU Soldiers.
  Inland Scuba Center, Sierra Vista, AZ. Donated time and equipment for a WTU SCUBA Certification class.
  Wal-Mart.  The Sierra Vista Wal-Mart has donated clothing to a WTU soldier’s family.
Fort Sill “Partners for Patriots” MOA  announced and signed. This initiative established a partnership with Cameron University, Ft. Sill Resources, Great Plains Vocational Tech Center, and Veterans Upward Bound. 
  Financial Counselor and Human Resource Specialist- Obtained Notary Status
  Coordination of “Hero Miles” and “Disney World, Florida” trips for Warriors and family members
  Coordination of weekend and evening activities  to promote psychological and physical wellbeing during leisure time with Recreation Staff. 
  SFAC Volunteer Program- Currently we have 2 WTs staff providing technical assistance to Warriors at the SFAC.
  Distribute MWR Free Bowling, Golf Tickets and Paint Ball Tickets to Warriors of WTU.
  ADA Van for the WTU arrived in Mar/Apr with trained ADA driver.
  Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament July08
  New Work Initiative- Wounded Warrior Employment Opportunities (W2EO) in partnership with Fort Sill EO
Fort Hood Central Texas Chapter adopted our reception-waiting area.  They provided luxurious leather furniture and interior design decorations.
  Ashley Furniture HomeStore adopted our recreation-relaxation room and decorated the entire room with comfortable relaxing furniture to include several leather recliners and theatre seating.
Fort Benning  Disabled American Veterans briefing Georgia Vice Commander, Columbus Chapter #7 Commander to develop partnership and collaborate on services for WT’s and their Families.
  5 Nov 08 Community Activity Resource Exchange Briefing to increase community awareness of efforts taken to support WT’s and their families. Purpose increase partnerships, resource development, volunteerism, donations management, and community exposure.  
  7 Nov 08 Fort Benning Retiree Appreciation Day event. To increase community awareness through linking retirees with current WT’s. Purpose to promote awareness and build upon Phase II holiday events. Status Ongoing
  17-21 Nov 08 Faith Based Seminars week at the SFAC with installation religious activities and off post installation activities. Purpose to increase community awareness through partnership, resource management, community outreach, and donations management for holiday events. Status: Ongoing
  19 Nov 08 Digital Photography Class at SFAC by CSU professor with 25 WT’s and their Families. Purpose: to increase community awareness through digital photography with the photos being used to establish treatment journals for WT’s and Family members. Status:  Coordination made and minor adjustments. 
  21 Nov 08 ACS Block Party event hosted by MWR to increase exposure. Purpose increase awareness by providing information to Families and soldiers within the FTBG community. Status: locked in with coordination’s ongoing
  God Bless Fort Benning Event to increase community awareness to approximately 5,000 attendees. Purpose to increase awareness; develop partnerships, resource management, community outreach, and donation management for holiday events
USAG-Ansbach  American Red Cross Donations to WTB-E Barracks, Senior Spouses Barracks rooms, kitchen and dayroom decoration, WTB-E Dayroom library established by Bleidorn Library donations, Warriors participation in community events as volunteers.
Fort Leavenworth     14 Nov 08   Free 9 Hole Golfing events (F&MWR) 
      21 Nov 08   Holiday Dinner and movies 
Fort Knox 3 Nov - (ongoing) WTB Newcomer Bags (ordered backpack-like
  portfolios for every in processing Soldier, with information, a calendar,
  pen, and SFAC brochure, financial tips, and more)
  6 Nov WTB/SFAC staff participate in Live Yellow Ribbon sponsored
  by ACS Mobilization & Deployment Programs
  2nd Week - Movie Day (All day and night movies, popcorn, etc)
  3rd Week - Ice Cream Social a tribute to the Warriors with attendance by
  many Veterans of all wars 
  4th Week - Thanksgiving Holiday (for those not going home, we will provide a
  special Thanksgiving bag for each)
  We will have a large canvas located within the SFAC for each Warrior that
  in-processes or is part of the WTB to stamp their hand and date as a tribute
  to the Warriors Theme the "Hands of Freedom.
Fort Jackson Title of Event:  State Educational Entitlements for People with disabilities.  
  Dr. Karen Pettis - University of South Carolina
  Date of Event:  4 November 2008
  Unit:  Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  Title of Event:  VA Brief (VHA and VBA entitlements for Warriors and Families)
  Date of Event:  5 November 2008
  Unit:  Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  Title of Event:  ACS Brief (Financial Planning for Warriors and Families)
  Date of Event:  6 November 2008
  Unit:  Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  Title of Event:  Goal setting class (Occupational therapy)
  Date of Event:  13 November 2008
  Unit:  Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  Title of Event:  Family and Friends Day Bowling for Warriors their Family and Friends
  Date of Event:  19 November 2008
  Unit:Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  Title of Event:Town Hall Meeting; Commanding General will address Warriors & Families.
  Date of Event:  20 November 2008
  Unit: Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  Title of Event:  Holiday Appreciation Social;
  Sponsored by the SFAC for appreciation of all Warriors and their Families.
  Date of Event:  21 November 2008
  Unit: Fort Jackson SFAC/WTU
  Installation:  Fort Jackson, South Carolina
Fort Meade Monthly Support group (with child care and meals)
  Art Classes
Schofield Barracks Organized with VA one-on-one VA briefings for Warriors who have conditions that do not allow them to be comfortable in group environments.
  Promoted Battle Buddies seminar for the Warriors to attend in January. Currently, SFAC is coordinating with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors to provide Battle Buddies seminar for the Warrior Transition Battalion. 
  Provide Warriors with portfolio that includes a welcome packet with WTB specific information and community information, pen, information magnet with SFAC staff phone numbers and 24/7 cell phone, and business cards.
  Conduct bi-weekly Newcomer's Orientation with the command from WTB at the SFAC.
  Provide Social Security briefings twice a month at the SFAC with one-on-one counseling and assistance with filing for social security benefits. 
  SFAC hosted a Wounded Warrior/Cadre appreciation lunch in November at the Tropics. Terry O'Quinn from the TV show "Lost" signed autographs and took photos with the Warriors, Cadre and Family members. 
  Ms. Hawaii visited with the Warriors and Family members at the SFAC. She signed autographs and took photos. 
  SFAC organized an outing for the Warriors to experience high speed twisting and turning on the Screamer, a colorful, twin jet, water propelled jet boat, that glides through the water at speeds up to 40 mph.
  Attorney General, Ed Kubo, donated tickets for UH basketball games for the Warriors. 
  SFAC organized snorkeling gear and free parking at Hanauma Bay for Warriors and Families through the Attorney General's office.
  Completed quiet/meditation room with recliners, fountain, and relaxation music in the SFAC for Warriors to utilize between appointments. 
  SFAC hosted holiday luncheon for Warrior, Cadre and Families at the SFAC. Provided each single soldier with a Christmas tree from the USO. All Warriors and Cadre received gift packs from Tri-West Alliance. 
  SFAC received tickets for Warriors to attend the last UH football game of the season for military appreciation.
  Aloha Bowl tickets donated to Wounded Warriors through the SFAC from the Notre Dame Club of Hawaii.
  Community members opened their homes for Christmas dinner for Warriors who do not have family on island.
  SFAC hosted a pool tournament at the Tropics for the Warriors. Winner took home a Guitar Hero.
  Madden '09 tournament was hosted by the SFAC at the Tropics. Winner received ProBowl Gear. 
  ProBowl players contacted the SFAC and volunteered their time to sign autographs and take photos with the Warriors, Cadre and Family members. 
  SFAC participated in the DFMWR "Get in the Game" community expo to promote the SFAC and educate the community about our mission.
  SFAC Guidance Counselor nominated a Warrior from the WTB to serve on the panel for the Council of College and Military Educators. The Warrior attended and was a guest speaker at the symposium. 
Fort Lewis Make Valentines for Wounded Soldiers  (