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Wed Jun 16, 2021
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Support for Units and Soldiers

Leaders at all levels know that the strength of Soldiers comes from the strength of their Families. CYS Services is committed to helping leaders build a partnership with Army Families that enhances their strength and resilience.

Info for Commanders
  • Commander 101 Guides: "What Commanders Need to Know" These guides are key resources to help Commanders manage important programs at their Garrison. Each guide answers pertinent questions that Commanders may raise specific to that program. Use these guides to make sure that CYS Services at your Garrison are meeting the needs of military Families and reducing the conflict between soldier parental responsibilities and mission requirements. Guides are updated yearly; stay current with the latest versions available here!

    Child Care 101 - (28 pp | PDF 2.2MB) Answers questions about providing child care that continues to be a "Model for the Nation," including the importance of military child care, child care availability, information about FCC online, child care for Families facing deployment, Accreditation and Certification, child care fees at your Garrison, as well as helpful checklists and success indicators.

    School Transition Services 101 - (29 pp | PDF 853KB) Answers questions about how the School Support Services program evolved, the program infrastructure, education and transition issues and their implications for the military community, working with parents, children, and school district superintendents to sustain a successful program, as well as checklists and success factors.

    Youth Services 101 - (29 pp | PDF 1.2MB) Answers questions about why the Army provides youth programs, program availability, patron eligibility, sports and fitness programs availability, funding and parent fees, Certification, and deployment support, as well as checklists and success indicators.

Download All Three
Commander 101 Guides

Commander 101 Guides
(86 pp | PDF 3.9MB)
  • MAC Plan: The Mobilization and Contingency (MAC) plan is a locally-determined Garrison plan that identifies how Child, Youth & School needs will be met during:
    • Mobilization and deployment
    • Natural disasters
    • Emergency situations
    • Other contingencies

    The MAC Plan is a commander's assurance that lack of child care and youth supervision options will not interfere with mission readiness or Family functioning during mobilization and contingency situations.

    Download the MAC Plan tri-fold for more information about how Commanders can make sure that their MAC Plan is up to date and ready to be implemented if necessary. For additional information contact your Garrison - Click here to find local Garrison CYS services

Download the
MAC Plan Tri-fold

(2 pp |

Respite Child Care

Respite Child Care offers a temporary break or time away for parents. Sixteen hours of free child care per month per child are provided for deployed Soldiers and civilians throughout the deployment cycle.

For additional information contact your Garrison - Click here to find local Garrison CYS services

Just in case...

Warriors in Transition: Provides support to Warriors in Transition (WT) Soldiers and Care Givers including programs in multiple delivery options. Programs and services include:

  • Free CYS Services registration
  • Unlimited no cost Hourly Care for medical appointments/treatments, as approved
  • Sixteen hours of free Respite Care per month per child
  • Waived fees for four instructional classes per child/youth
  • Waived fee for two CYS Team or Individual sports
  • Full Day/Part Day Patron fee reduction to CAT 1 of the SY CYS Fee Policy rates, as approved
  • Additional Hourly Care at $2.00/hr

Commanders, download the Warriors in Transition poster and information card to distribute and display at your Garrison! Contact your local Garrison to find more information about this program - Click here to find local Garrison CYS services

Download the
Warriors in Transition
Poster or Info Card

(15" x 22" | PDF 1.12MB)
(4 1/4" x 11" | PDF 850KB)