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Wed Jun 16, 2021
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Army Child Care Fee Assistance Program

What is Army Child Care Fee Assistance?

AFA is the Army’s contribution toward the total cost of child care for Army Families. Fee Assistance buys down the higher cost of off post care allowing eligible families to pay fees comparable to those charged at the Installation. Army Fee Assistance (AFA) is an initiative that assists Army Families in reducing the cost of off-post child care when on post options are not available or when geographically separated from on-post child care options. These child care options are available in 50 states and may include full-time, part-time, before & after school care, respite care, as well as weekend and evening duty hourly care.

Fee Assistance compensates for the difference between a Community Care Provider’s rate and an Installation’s rate for similar service. The parent rate is paid directly to the Provider by the parents. Fee Assistance will compensate for some or the entire gap between the Garrison rate and the Provider rate for similar service.

Eligible Families must receive an annual signed Statement of Non-Availability from CYS Services staff confirming there are no available spaces on the Garrison prior to enrollment with the exception of geographically dispersed Families and school age.

Providers and parents must apply via the General Services Administration (GSA) at or 866-508-0371. Eligibility and program placement will be determined based on Army CYS Services guidance, as per the current school year fee policy, geographic availability of childcare and DOD/Army service funding.

Please Note: The Army Fee Assistance Program will be transitioning to a new contractor. The timeline for this transition has not yet been finalized. Families will be notified as soon as the transition plan is finalized.

Who Is Eligible?

Primary Qualifying Requirements:

  • You are an Active Duty Solider, Activated Army National Guard, Activated Army Reserve or Department of Army Civilian Sponsor.
  • There is no child care space available at your Army installation or you are an eligible geographically dispersed Sponsor, Recruiter, or Sponsor of a School Age child.
  • If you are married or single with a partner, your spouse or partner must be working, attending school, or looking for work and/ or enrolling in school and need child care at least 16 hours per week (with the exception of school age care during the school year).
  • The status of the spouse and the amount of child care needed must be evaluated to determine if the Fee Assistance should be full-time, part-time, or unauthorized due to insufficient hours.
  • Child care providers not already enrolled in the Army Fee Assistance program must qualify and enroll with the GSA prior to your Fee Assistance being approved.
  • The child care provider and Army Sponsor must validate, sign, and submit monthly Attendance Sheets (provided by the AFA program) to the GSA for issuance of Fee Assistance subsidy directly to the provider.

Application Documents

The GSA website provides detailed information on the application process. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and instructional video for further information. The application process requires specific information and documentation from the families and providers. Applications must be completed in full and must be signed and dated by the sponsor. The following documentation is required:

  • Current LES
  • Current Spouse/Partner pay statement for a minimum of 15 consecutive days and/or their most current school schedule.
  • SF-50/DA 3434 for DA Civilians
  • Assignment or Deployment (if applicable) Orders
  • Statement of Availability/Non-Availability signed by the Garrison CYS Services staff. (This does not pertain to geographically dispersed families or school age families).
  • Provider Cost verification signed by your child care provider per child.

Please contact a GSA website, to obtain the application packet. Call 1-866-508-0371 to speak with a GSA representative about your application.
Thank you for your service to our country