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Illinois Joining Forces (IJF) is a network of public and not-for-profit organizations working together to improve services to Illinois’ military and veteran communities. Our goal is to increase awareness and connectivity among our member organizations so that we, and those we serve, can better navigate the system of support.

IJF member organizations collaborate via Working Groups and update their services and events on this online platform. Illinois veterans, service members, and their families can use IJF to find and connect with the right resource – or use our site support team provided by the Illinois Departments of Veterans’ Affairs and Military Affairs to assist in connecting.


As a community, IJF members are committed to providing the best care and support to all those who serve and their families.

No one organization can meet all needs for the entire Illinois military and veteran population. We seek to create a “no wrong door” system through which service members, veterans and family members can access assistance.

Through the IJF network, we seek to make individuals and organizations more aware of how to navigate the military/veteran system of care in order to better connect individuals and families to the most appropriate resource(s).

We also seek to meet remaining gaps in services through the work of our member organization Working Groups, which design and implement projects to train the civilian community, create best practices guides, and more.

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