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May 16, 2013 | by Amy Bushatz

Pay and benefits are foremost on military families’ minds according to the soon to be released results of the 2013 Military Family Lifestyle Survey.

The survey, conducted by the nonprofit military support organization Blue Star Families, queried more than 5,000 military family members in November 2012. Military pay and benefits and potential changes in retirement benefits ranked as the first and second most important issues to respondents.

Thirty-five percent said that military pay and benefits are the number one issue while 21 percent chose changes in retirement benefits. Spouse employment opportunities ranked as a close third with 19 percent of respondents identifying it as the most important issue.

“All three of these issues can be considered key to making a smooth financial transition out of the military,” the reports’ authors noted in the executive summary. “This is particularly noteworthy as estimates point to over one million servicemembers transitioning off of active duty over the next five years.”

The survey results were expected to be released at a press conference Thursday.

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