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Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding - Honoring soldiers injured in service in partnership with the horse

What is Horses for Heroes?

R.O.C.K., Ride On Center for Kids is offering NARHA Horses for Heroes, a program for soldiers partnering with horses and veterans. The goal of this program is to improve the lives of service men and women who have suffered injury in the line of duty, helping them to adjust physically and emotionally to their post-war lives.


Soldiers are referred to R.O.C.K. by a physician and screened by one of R.O.C.K.'s therapist and / or therapeutic riding instructors to determine suitability of this treatment. Soldiers with diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, amputations, burns, and neurological impairment may benefit from this service.

Benefits Seen:

The dynamic movement of the horse simulates normal human walking. This works as a biofeedback mechanism retraining the motor and cognitive systems for improved function. Results may include...

  • Improved balance
  • Improved motor skills
  • Improved speech
  • Improved moral and well being.

How to get involved


If you have sustained an injury in military service and believe you would benefit from this service, you may complete the R.O.C.K. application and have it signed by a physician. An employee of R.O.C.K. will complete a screening to help determine if we can serve the rider at R.O.C.K.

Requirements for soldiers receiving services:

For more information:

If you are a soldier who has been injured in the line of duty, or if you are a physician, therapist, or medical professional who would like more information about our program, please contact us.

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