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Thu Jan 23, 2020
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RRP: Post Arrival

After Arriving

Take a look at Military Installations to review the arrival and check-in procedures for your new duty station.

If you plan to stay in temporary lodging after arrival, make sure that you understand the time limits for TLA/TLE, and that you know what documents are required. The Defense Travel Management Office is a good resource and has FAQ's for TLE. Confirm the housing allowances for the new location. If still house-hunting, you might want to read up about On-Post Housing vs. Off-Post Housing.

Contact your Transportation Office to inform them of your arrival to ensure you receive your household goods as soon as possible. When inspecting your household goods, if you find any damaged or missing property you will need to file a claim.

Visit the School Liaison Officer (SLO) to get registered for DODEA or local schools and Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS). You can also see what Public vs. Private school options are available.

Don't forget to complete your travel voucher and other documents to settle your travel and receive any additional entitlements. If you applied for any pay advances, remember to plan for repayment.

While you may not need to renew your stateside driver's license during a CONUS PCS, different rules apply overseas.

Will your Spouse seek employment? Check out your MSEP benefits! Not interested in working...what about becoming a volunteer? Please seek out the Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator at your ACS office or visit our volunteering page for more information.

Need a checklist? Use the link to review or print a helpful arrival checklist to ensure you are properly prepared.

ACS can provide:

  • Maps
  • Bus Schedules
  • Newcomers Orientations
  • Lending Closet options
  • Spouse Employment Assistance
  • Other workshops

  • Call or email your sponsor to arrange a meeting upon arrival.
  • Register your children into CYSS, even if you don't plan to use their services.
  • Be sure to keep all receipts from your move for your travel voucher, tax returns and your records.



Military OneSource provides an installation program directory that allows you to search for your local Relocation Assistance Program Office.

Click Here to access
the MOS Moving page and
utilize program directory.

*The directory is located on the right side halfway down the page.